We have a fully equipped workshop for all your servicing needs…


BASIC SERVICE £50.00 (exclusive of parts)

Frame and forks checked. Gears and brakes adjusted. Wheels checked for true. Components checked for wear and correct torque. Adjust headset, check and re-inflate tyres.

INTERIM SERVICE £70.00 (exclusive of parts)

We recommend this at least once a year.

To include a full visual inspection of your bicycle. The drive train will be cleaned and checked for wear, brakes adjusted and gears set for best performance. All cables will be checked and lubricated. Wheels will be checked for true and adjusted accordingly. All findings will be reported to you and no parts replaced without your consent.

DELUXE SERVICE £130.00 (exclusive of parts)

Includes a full cable set free of charge

Your bike will return looking like new!

Full strip down to bare frame. All components will be removed and cleaned/de-greased. Frame will be visually inspected and then checked for alignment. We will then carefully rebuild checking components for wear as we go along. Wheels will be cleaned and checked for true and adjusted as needed. Any parts that need replacing will be reported to you and not replaced until your consent has been given.

*There will be a surcharge for fitting own parts supplied*

Punctures and simple adjustments can be done while you wait, subject to staff availability. Other jobs will need 2-3 days, subject to work load, or longer if parts need ordering. We can collect and deliver bikes at a small charge depending on distance.