Kinesis UK Bikes

Our Kinesis UK range now includes a range of Road, Cyclocross and Mountain Bike frame sets, complete bikes, forks, wheels, seatposts, handlebars and we’re working on still more products for the future.

Above all, Kinesis UK is about providing the best basis for your next bike build. We listen to your feedback and suggestions and plough them back into our frame designs, close communication with our customers and teams will always be at the heart of our products.

All Kinesis UK products are designed by us, in the UK, for the dedicated enthusiast who knows exactly what he or she wants and is not prepared to settle for a generic mass-market bike.

kenisi cx6The Pro 6 is a race bike first and foremost and uses race proven geometry. Its designed to come out in front after an hour of elbow to elbow pedalling, vaulting and running. In addition, it has eyelets to allow the fitment of ‘gaurds, rack and bottles if you are that way inclined





For 2015 the most adaptable frame in the Kinesis range is now available with disc mounts. We have also added a tapered steerer along with the CC disk fork, a brand new carbon cyclocross fork, making the 5T the ultimate ‘cross and commute bike. Race in the mud sunday, commute in the rain Monday.


KinesisAithein_OrangeBikeWe have put everything we have learned during over 12 years of alloy frame design and manufacture into this completely new and very advanced, alloy road frame.

The focus has been on carbon in the last few years, but we believe that by putting the same development into alloy tubing, we have created a frame that rivals carbon in many ways and hands-down beats it on price.

• Advanced, Superplastic Formed, ‘Anti Gravity’ seat tube, adds immense core stability to the frame, allowing us to lighten the main tubes.
• Super lightweight: 1200g for 56cm frame (prototype estimation).
• 330g monocoque carbon, taper 1.5” fork.
• Taper Head tube.
• ‘BB86’ Bottom Bracket shell, Shimano press-fit standard.
• Tough anodised frame finish with laser-etched graphics and special decals.

3858724_origLast season, we introduced the Racelight Tk3. The big news for this frame was the unique new ‘Tracer 1.5” monocoque carbon fork with 1.5” taper steerer and clearance for 28c tyres and full ‘guards.
The advanced new fork, mated to a beautiful new tapered head tube and our own, smooth welded ‘Kinesium’ tubeset, transformed the handling and really made this the basis for a viable ‘year-round racer’.
For 2014 we have treated this unique frameset to a totally new finish, bringing it into line with our latest frames and underlining it’s All-Year capabilities by re-naming it ‘4S’, meaning ‘4 Season’.
Using our own, smooth welded ‘Kinesium’ tubeset and with clearance for full ‘guards, 28’s and long-drop brakes, this frameset makes a fantastic and well proven basis for a true 4-season bike. The 4S is a staple product for the committed racer during the winter months.
‘TRACER 1.5′ FORK: As far as I know, there is no other fork like this available. This fork, combined with the new taper head tube, transforms the handling and braking of the Racelight 4S and brings it totally into line with your modern, summer season race bike. The gentle inward curve of the fork blades matches the ‘hourglass’ profile of the rear stays, helping to add comfort and tune out vibration.
TUBING: The top tube is ‘power bulged’ at the headtube for maximum stiffness and the oversize, thin-wall down tube is aero section at the top and ovalised where it meets the BB for maximum weld area and response. The ‘anti roadshock’ seatstays give maximum comfort for long training rides and the oversize chainstays and large downtube area at the BB keep power loss to a minimum.





Racelight GF TI




“Near superbike capabilities in a frame that is just at home on the commute, audaxing, sportives and much much more. It’s a looker too”.

“A great bike just got better; the tweaks that Kinesis have made to the frame have worked for the best”.

“Against its competition it holds all the cards. As a frameset it’s the same price as the Equilibrium Ti but handles better and is a much more exciting ride and the Sabbath September we’ve also tested has nowhere near the speed capabilities”.