De Rosa Bikes

Just some of the range of De Rosa bikes we hold in stock.

DE-ROSA-SK-Red-black-colour-ref-onlyBrand new for 2016 comes the SK Pininfarina frameset. A collaberation of De Rosa technology and Pininfarina’s famous design. Lots of research and development was undertaken for aerodynamics and the development of new materials to ensure the ideal rigidity without compromising the stability, comfort and style that have become synonymous with De Rosa. A bike made for people who want to race, do triathlons or just want a stunning looking bike. Available in Shimano or Campagnolo.

i-Ride 1406

Protos is the most ambitious project ever attempted by the De Rosa family. As a result of two years of work, an important project where De Rosa wanted to merge all their valuable “know how” accumulated in nearly 60 years of work, combined with engineering design.  Protos is the fruit of a collaboration with ‘ing. Genoese, which has perfectly interpreted the wishes and ideas expressed by De Rosa on the constriction of an innovative chassis, high performance, stable and of great aesthetic impact, something unparalleled!  Once aboard the impressions are unique, you will experience unreal driving comfort teamed with absolute responsiveness. The ability to absorb and disperse the irregularities of the terrain is obtained from the particular design of the fork “Head Flat Face”.  Protos leaves nothing to chance. The material is an expert blend of 3 fibers employed and carefully measured to obtain a precise goal. The composition is made up of 50% TI 800 fiber, 40% TI 1000, and 10% XN60. The PROTOS frame increases the STW (stiffness to weight) value by 35% compared to traditional competition racing bikes.
The innovative cabling system inside is “full integrated” and the bottom bracket is 86.5 mm with 1 1/8 and 1 1/4 headtube.

King-XS-Black-OrangeThe latest model in the King range is this new King XS. This frame represents a new project for De Rosa rather than just a simple restyle. The most evident new feature is the rear brake has been from it’s usual position and has been placed under the bottom bracket hidden from view. This new position allows for more powerful braking and means the traditional arch in the rear stays where the brake usually goes can be removed. This leads to an increased comfort without comprimising the performance and lends itself nicely to help give the frame clean lines. The structure of the rear triangle is also different, this is due to the front wheel’s close proximity to the downtube, an innovation that means more vibrations can be dampened without comprimising the stability or reactivity of the frame.
The fork is also integrated adding to the clean line approach taken by De Rosa on this frame. The frame is made from a blend Ti1000, Ti800 and XN10 and the frame is made in a semi sloping style.


The IDOL was a must in the De Rosa production in the past and now it returns in a completely new project that encompasses the De Rosa experience and the new road cycling trends. Its design, geometries and the materials utilised are optimised for use with a disc brake. The IDOL frame is made from SUPER HI-MODULUS fibre with a blend of T1000 (70%) and T800 (30%), thereby guaranteeing structural rigidity, absorption capacity and lightness to their maximum.
Cyclist – “The Idol name is deeply carved in De Rosa’s heritage but for this new version we have given it a new identity”